Passport Heavy | Bangkok, Thailand Luxury Edition with Kellee Edwards

Passport Heavy | Bangkok, Thailand Luxury Edition with Kellee Edwards

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Kellee and Jubril both grew up humbly in Chicago, so having luxury experiences like these was never part of our story growing up. Now that they’ve both grown in our respective careers and are doing well, exploring some of the finer things in life, especially in a place like Bangkok is a must. These luxury experiences are things Jubril likes to do every now-and-then, as a way of breaking from my normal day-to-day life, so we made sure we did it all – from Bangkok-sunset, James Bond speedboats rides down the river, to 5-star dining experiences on the best rooftops in Bangkok, to getting bespoke tailor-made suits. With everything from our 5-star hotel experience with Lancaster, to the experiencing some of the best food, all for significantly less than what you’d pay in America for a similar experience, it’s easy to see why he never gets bored of this amazing city. Jubril says he  will keep coming back time and time again to this beautiful city. List of all the things they did.

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Luxury Life Thailand 2019 -
Luxury Life Thailand 2019
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