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OK As most of you know already I HATE FUCKING CONDOMS.  They are usually TOO FUCKING SMALL FOR MY HUGE COCK  ( NO GODDAM MAGNUM XL’s FOR a REAL DICK in ASIA !)  I am NOT scared of STD’s ( I know what I am doing,  and how to check for em. I been fucking in all over Asia since the 80’s and never caught a fucking COLD…  That is not luck!) Condoms RUIN the whole experience. you are fucking plastic and not a real living human being being as human as we all can get. If you think a chick is gonna kill you and you are dumb about sexual health, go read up and LEARN  or if you think she is is dirty then DO NOT FUCK HER.  I want to feel a that wet nasty goodness all over my cock and body . And yeah I wanna COMMUNE. I don’t go in for relief sex. I want and give it ALL!     If a girl wants to use a condom I say “Mai Ben Rai” ( Never mind and move on to another girl that is as into fucking raw and nasty as I am. I can’t ven get it up with a condom. Enter Dawe. She is DAWESOME!   Got the stiffiest BONER I had in years we fucked the shit out of each other and with a GODDAMN condom. Wish I could have felt that love slime and squirted my raw cum all up in her but what the hell. This is a HOT chick and a Hot tape,  enjoy muthfukkas!

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Enter Dawe. She is DAWESOME!   Got the stiffest BONER I had in years we fucked the shit out of each other. - 1 point because of that fukkin condom!

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Sexual Experience9.8
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