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Welcome! to the next version of As you know, data costs money. As you pay for cable TV and  streaming services you understand that entertainment ( not even counting the making of it ) is not free.  I and the model partners I shoot with are in no position to subsidise anyone’s sexual curiosity. So this site after being free ( and limited ) for 25 years is now going to have to pay for itself and make money to pay the bills and live the dream. So,  from now on,  this will be a PAID membership site.  In addition,  Asiaerotica is entering into a revenue share agreement with models and contributors so the REAL girls that work together can pay their bills and be rewarded for their work.  Access to many articles, curated videos, trailers  and many user submitted videos will be $10.00 a month. That discount price will hold for ONLY the next 3 months or until I return, while I am in Asia shooting more content. ( Look for special updates and previews in the coming weeks )  Full access to all site content, as well as full length videos will be given to subscribers of our Adventure  partner sites ( they have great stuff! )  that are helping us get started with billing and subscriptions.  @ $25 monthly  and $160.00 a year.  This site will be what you the member, I and the girls that participate make it.  As many girls say “No money No honey”.  I hope you support these efforts!

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