Hypersexuality of Race: 11 Questions for Jean Marc Roc Pt 2

By Anna Choi
Choi:Tell me, how did you find out about the book?

A friend of mine called me and told me she was in a book store on the west coast and saw the book and read the cover blurbs and was surprised to see and recognize the stills from my films. I was quite surprised, given how long ago these films were released.

Choi: I thought it was interesting how she goes into such detail describing how you penetrate the women JMR:

When I look at Shimizu’s photo and think about her in some half-lit room hungrily leering at me, like some troll out of a Tolkein fantasy ogling a “tasty piece of man flesh”, eyeing in great detail, every thrust and penetration of my huge cock as it glistens with the lovely dew of the girls in my films, I feel physically ill! It’s creepy! She is creepy! Somehow, I perceive her secret desire to be in the girls’ place. To be the so-called “prostitute” she obsesses about.

To be desired for a lovely body and looks. It’s a fantasy she alludes to in the beginning of the book with her made-up story about being mistaken for a sex performer as a young woman. It’s creepy.

I had a nightmare that I was with the Korean girl Park in 101 Asian debutantes, you know, with the beautiful long hair, and I closed my eyes for a second and started to smell something strange and foul, and when I opened my eyes I was staring into that face and “penetrating” that ….body!
That huge, grinning, cholesterol saturated, brown fucking behemoth, powered by McDonald’s french fries! (JMR visibly pales and seems in total disgust) I almost threw up!

You know, when you are that obese, you cant REALLY clean your body parts that well.. all those folds and crevices… It is ALMOST enough to make you want to give up sex. But then again, thank god we are separated by 3000 miles and almost as many stone.

Choi: In your criticisms, you attack her scholarship. What is it that you find in fault?JMR:

Well I guess I was trained in a different academic tradition. One where you confirmed your statements by research and checking primary sources. I never once received any query from this author, so everything she writes about is her psychological hangups and personality flaws presented as intellectual analysis.

In what way?

Well, I find it hilarious that she says that I am white, not that there is anything wrong with being white but the fact is that I am not white. I wasn’t even raised around whites like she was. I am a local Hawaiian boy. Da Kine. Calling me a Haole is an insult in a way. but it shows just how much an idiot she is, I don’t even look caucasian! Look at how she looks at sex. Pure sex. The sex between myself and the women in my movies. read this idiotic quote full of all sorts of sociological crap about “structures of inequality in place” and the seeming solidity of linguistic and bodily speech conveying complex personalities etc etc.

Because she has been raised in a middle class white American world, she sees everything from the dated and warped perspective of a 20th-century white feminist.


These women can’t get along with their men and think that every relationship in the world is as fucked up as their lives and their parent’s lives, that they live in the shadow of. That’s why they are constantly making up fantasies of having sex with their fathers and being abused by men and all that other crap.[/ezcol_1third] They have no experience and no idea of another reality. Then again reality (when you look like this woman ) means that the only way that you can make money from your obsession with sex is to demonize it.


Choi: Let’s continue this discussion next post

Sure if the readers can stomach it!




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