Thai Sticking: Sex, love, and hanging out in Thailand

By Jean-Marc Roc

The negative image of a booming Asian sex trade Is one neocolonial throwback that just won’t seem to go away. But it is much more complex and subtle than that. From an outdated moralist’s point of view, every day hundreds of Western sex tourists disgorge from planes on Third World runways, eager to deposit their suds Into the glistening flowers of the night. The Thai government, reflecting a wise policy of tolerance, puts limits on the scene, which often frustrates the less responsible and culturally savvy tourists, but allows for those respectful of Thai sensibilities and cultural norms a lot of room for fun whilst at the same time helping the central bank fill its coffers with staggering amounts of foreign exchange. Up to now, most of the tourists have been from Japan, Australia, and Western European countries like Germany, Holland and Sweden. Slowly but surely, however, American men (and believe it or not women too) are refusing to beat their lonely vigils dimly fantasizing over exotic sexual encounters, realizing instead they can have these women (and men) for their very own.

The hotels, bars and clubs are one part of the Bangkok sex scene, to be sure, but no article on this subject would be complete without a thorough discussion of Patpong.

Defining a New Patpong

I first heard about Patpong from Vietnam vets who, far from being jaded by their experiences In the fleshpots of Saigon-now Ho Chi Minh City-ranted and raved about a new mecca of titillation, Patpong. I did some research, turning to that time-honoured manual put out by horny Australian businessmen, The Far East Economic Review’s “All Asia Guide”. Flipping past the pages devoted to where one can play polo or stare at a picture of the Queen while sipping gin In some stuffy colonial corner, I turned straight to the section on “Nightlife.”  Patpong, I found, was indeed recommended as a place to play.

But the description did not do Patpong justice, couched in typical British cheeky restraint as it was. You have to go there to believe it. You’ve got to feel it’s warmth, taste it, experience it, because Patpong is far more than a street, it’s a state of mind. You can number the places like it in the world on the fingers of one hand, and Patpong is the best among the lot.

The street is as crowded as the center ring of a circus. There are street vendors selling cigarettes and pirated – everything. There is a shill every few feet, promising the “best pussy inside, just come inside.” The girls (both XX and XY) who aren’t busy dancing are outside showing thigh, pulling cock and pussy, enticing the all-too-willing farangs to come and sample their wares. The only problem here is making a choice.

Come where you are … Soi Cowboy Hand Job Bars | Sukhumvit area Blow Job Bars

The first bar I entered was called Toy Bar in the middle of soi cowboy. As I sat down, a girl fondled my cock as one of the dancers laid on the table in front of me and wrapped her thighs around my face. “Do you like that” she asked, pumping her heavenly mound into my face. I gave the maitre d’ twenty-five bucks, and a mouth appeared under the table in time to relieve me of my load. Afterward, my milker turned out to be the lovely gal that pulled me inside the club! She sat down, wiped her lips, and asked me to wait for her after the bar closed. She liked what she tasted and wanted to show me a “real Thai” party on Ratchada road. I was game, and we exchanged mobile numbers. This happens often in the new Thailand. In the bars, the girls usually try to get you to buy their drinks. With about three girls for every male, if you’re not careful you can easily run up a bar tab of $35 pourIng coloured water down all those throats. I’m now aware of several other places like this in Soi Cowboy. Bars like AfterSkool Bar, Jungle Jims and Moonshine bar all offer naughty fun at the bar, on the couches or in a private room if you are feeling shy. When you buy a girl a drink part of the bargain is that you get to discreetly play with her pussy if she (or they.. I always go for a pair of bi friends) allow you. Here is a hint, act like a gentleman, lay in a few soft and romantic kisses on the neck before you attempt it. It will soften the heart and wet the pussy, making for a hotter exchange. Don’t be like the creepy, fat, butch, white lesbian women that grope and grab. They treat women as some kind of third-world sex slaves.

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