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Sexy office babe hunting in the Philippines

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Sexy office babe hunting in the Philippines

Sexy Office Babe hunting here in Angeles City, Philippines ain’t that tricky. Just around the corner from my hotel is an area where Jeepneys stop frequently to pick-up and drop-off passengers coming out to the main strip from the side streets. Many of whom, are Pinays dressed in sexy office attire going to and from work. I decided to stroll along there on my way home from visiting a friend to see if anything peaked my interest.

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Sure enough, within seconds, I noticed a sassy looking office chick with nice legs prancing along in a black skirt. I approached her to say hi and ask where she was going. With a cute smile she confirmed what I had thought: Nowhere in particular. She said she worked at a KTV Bar, so I asked if she was a singer. She said no, not a singer, but an “entertainer”. That basically means a slightly glorified bargirl. KTV Bars are a variation of the gogo bar business model. They “church” it up by pretending that the girls are “singers” for your entertainment, rather than mere pieces of idle flesh waiting to be selected. Regardless, she had that sexy office babe appearance that I fancy.

Explaining the local mongering scene for you

KTV places are geared more towards the Asian customers, like Japanese and Koreans, as that type of establishment is very common back in their countries. They are usually just overpriced “private” karaoke sessions in a small room, where a few girls will entertain a few male customers by squawking out 70’s love songs or even Japanese/Korean language favorites. I then made my move by asking if she’d like to “entertain” me, to which she sheepishly agreed. We hailed my favorite form of transportation for these situations and I played a little grab-tit in the sidecar on the way home. Oh yeah, her name is Shane, as if that matters any, haha. So we got to my hotel and she was already loosening up, helping me in the room and being all giggly and smiley. She seemed like a real nice girl with a light & easy personality. I was more interested in the “easy” part, and only moments later it would come out. Er, shall I say, “they” would come out. They being her nice firm breasts she was hiding under that sexy office babe blouse of hers.

Sexy office babe on the outside, horny tattooed freak on the inside

Things heated up quickly and before I knew it, I was inside her warm, moist mouth. Shane gave a nice blow job, complete with titillating ball-licking that sent tingles up my spine. When she got her panties off, I noticed a rather interesting feature; a large-sized ass-tattoo almost covering both of her butt-cheeks. I think it was a butterfly, but I’m not even sure. It was quite gaudy to be honest, but I’ve seen all kinds of weird “tramp-stamp” type tats over the years, so hardly anything surprises me anymore. Some that just make you wonder, “What was she thinking?” One thing for sure about Shane is that she loved the cock. This was not one of those quiet, timid, expressionless girls. No, no, she moaned intensely with each thrust of my ugly meat slab up into her guts. Just watching this again now and writing about it is getting me hard, haha. It’s always nice to know you’re having and impact on a girl, isn’t it? Shane was definitely not a dead fish like some sexy office babe types I’ve had in the past were. When it was getting close to that glorious moment, I told Shane I was going to cum inside her and she nodded her approval. A few more rapid plunges into the depths of her warm wet snapper and I was bursting like a hot geyser shooting my streams of foamy man-spunk into her as deeply as possible.

The glorious money-shot up close and personal for you

I then zoomed in on her freshly fucked pussy to try and capture a close-up of my achievement for you guys. It took a little kegal pushing on her part, and some squeezing on my part, but the proof of internal pecker-pudding eventually seeped out of her slippery wet honey-pot for all of us to see and enjoy. There’s nothing like a good cream-pie to finish off the week, is there? It’s like the icing on the cake. Ugghh…now I’m not sure I wanna eat cake again any time soon after thinking about that analogy. Enjoy my hook-up with Shane guys. See you next week!

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