Titties and Tech with Naomi Wu

Titties and Tech with Naomi Wu 🍳🍳

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Part of the pleasure of watching Naomi ‘s exploration of tech is that she loves to exhibit her super-enhanced boobs and pussy level shorts that show off her beautiful skin and leaves not that much for the imagination ( except when she is wearing a floss bikini that basically just covers her huge brown nipples and labia. And she is intelligent and earnest to.  Soin one stroke ( or many ) I satisfy my lust for hot sexually explicit cute Asian girls,  technology and intellectual horny ness. In our last post, Naomi engineered and built a device that takes advantage of some of the unique light diffraction properties of her breast implants. in this one she does a review of the Creality CP-01.   I think it might be really useful for a creator.  But I have to admit I am so distracted by all that pure, unblemished big titty goodness and fantasies about pulling those slender shorts down and licking that tasty labia to care!

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Naomi Wu's sexy cyborging


I can learn and jerk off at the same time !

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